Joel Lavine

Joel Lavine


Professor of Pediatrics (tenured) Columbia University

About Me


Joel Lavine MD had a lengthy career packed with several highlights demonstrating his abilities and significance in his industry. He has concentrated his efforts as an academic physician-scientist on clinical research, clinical treatment, teaching, and program management. Understanding his continuous work might act as a motivation for persons of any age attempting to enter into this area.

Joel Lavine's work has been devoted to a variety of objectives, including finding and comprehending underlying biological processes and disorders that impact children and need the application of fundamental science, engineering, computers, and diagnostic instruments. His research is broad and encompasses a wide variety of subjects, making him a pioneer in a surprising number of domains.

For example, throughout the past two decades, he has worked to integrate pediatrics, internal medicine, pathology, and radiology in order to aid children and adults who are obese. These include discovering different treatment strategies that may assist individuals who are obese have a better understanding of their bodies and the effects of obesity. This study spans the first two decades of his illustrious and successful career.

He is particularly interested in the natural history, genetics, discovery of biomarkers, and therapy of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD. Few individuals are aware of the severity of this ailment and the resulting damage to the body. Around 25% of all American adults have this illness, which increases their risk of developing cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other ailments.

Throughout his career, Joel Lavine has been involved in several research initiatives that have aided in the identification of risk factors and therapies for NAFLD and other linked disorders. For example, he was one of eight Principal Investigators and the sole Pediatric Investigator who assisted in establishing and serving on the National Institutes of Diabetes, Kidney, and Digestive Diseases (NIDDK) NASH Clinical Research Network. He served as co-chair of the committee for 16 years and was instrumental in developing all but one of the procedures used to investigate pediatric health in this sector.
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